So many of us mean to unplug more often than we do, and sadly it often takes a setting so serene and a WiFi signal so blessedly weak to force us to do just that. Once we finally power down and tune in, we wonder what the heck took so long. Destinations like Lakedale Resort on beautiful San Juan Island prove the perfect spot to disconnect and reconnect, and the benefits remain long after the ferry docks back on the mainland.

Where will you be when the Fourth of July sky starts booming?

The July 4th festivities that will commence this Monday afternoon/evening/night are a time-honored American tradition. Nothing quite says summer in the States like laying out a big blanket under the sun, flinging around a Frisbee and consuming exorbitant amounts of fried chicken, Waldorf salad and refreshing microbrew (or Miller High Life, if that’s your poison).