Wine O’Clock Wednesday: Bottles and Airplanes Do Mix!

Think of the Jet Bag as a wine diaper for traveling.

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, mainly by plane and car, for both work and play. And now it’s summer, so there will even more travel in my future – and most likely yours, too.


Sometimes I want to take a bottle of amazing Washington wine with me to share with friends and colleagues in other states, or when I go home to British Columbia. Sometimes, I buy wine on a trip or someone gives me a bottle to taste.

Since security restrictions now require me to pack bottles in my suitcase, I worry that my clothes and other items will be wrecked if a mess is made. Don’t you?

I’ve tried wineskins and other containers for my precious cargo. They offer some protection, but occasionally stuff happens, right? So you can imagine my delight to hear about the Jet Bag, which promises to protect your wine, even if your checked suitcase is thrown onto luggage belts or tossed around an airport.

What makes this travel solution better than others is the same reason why the Jet Bag used to be described as a “wine diaper” — it’s lined with the same absorbent materials found in baby diapers. So if by chance a bottle does break, the Jet Bag rapidly absorbs the spill and keeps the messy liquid away from your clothing and other important articles that you packed in your suitcase.

This handy, biodegradable carrier is 18 inches tall, weighs only a third of an ounce and can easily hold a 750 mL bottle of wine within its protective padding. With a re-sealable closure, you also can use it over and over (as long as a bottle doesn’t break in it).

It’s reasonably priced, too – so it’s perfect to share with friends and family who are traveling with you. The company’s official Web site offers a three-pack of Jet Bags for $15.

Of course, you can also use the Jet Bag in the car or on a boat; and you can carry other liquids, from water bottles to liquor, in it, too.

Time to travel happy!