New Grub Alert: Taylor Shellfish Shucks Open Its Doors

The famed seafood spot offers an oldtime experience at Melrose Market.

Seafood in the Emerald City is no joke. We Seattleites know what’s what when it comes to our protein from the sea. We were raised on the best, so it’s only natural that we would expect the best as well.

In a city of competitive fishery, for a new candidate to stand a chance, one must “mussel” his/her way into the race. Taylor Shellfish Farms has been providing some of the finest seafood in the country, and now they will be gracing Seattle with a location for us to enjoy their freshest catch from Puget Sound.

Taylor’s newest market opens its doors today in Capitol Hill’s Melrose Market.

Some of the fine choices that will be coming out of their tanks include oysters, mussels, clams, geoducks, Dungeness crab, Maine lobster, and spot prawns.

The expert staff are able to help you get the most out of the experience by either giving you tips on oyster-shucking knives, how to keep your seafood fresh at home, or simply which wine goes well with your hand-picked oysters of choice. Feel free to dine in, take out, or even order on-line.

The Taylor family has been passing down the tradition of providing exceptional shellfish for more than a century now, and that makes their experience completely worthwhile.

Taylor’s wisdom, combined with the modern technology of farming in state-of-the-art facilities, makes their seafood fresh and clean and protects the Sound. This makes for a guilt-free meal — as well as an enjoyable one.

Taylor’s Shellfish Farm  |  1521 Melrose Ave., Seattle  |  (206) 501-4321