The Radar: Seattleite’s Fro-Yo Favorites

Photo by Lin

Chill-out with these delectable sweet spots.

If there’s any better time for a cool treat — it’s now — while the sun is out and the heat is rising (slowly). Here are some of our favorite spots to cool your appetite.

Menchie's on Queen Anne; Photo by Lindsay Borden

The Spot: Citra

The Scoop: Comfy seating plus a vegan-friendly menu (we heart the soy flavors!) makes Citra one of our favorite healthy snack haunts.  Free Wi-fi is just icing on the cup.

The Deets: 4730 University Way NE, Seattle | (206) 327-9012

The Spot: Menchie’s

The Scoop: Don’t get us wrong, we adore Menchie’s smiling monklin mascot and Sanrio-esque aesthetic, but we’re equally smitten by the seemingly endless options offered at this fro-yo chain. Dairy-free, low-carb, and sugar-free selections warm our health-conscious little hearts.

The Deets: 2101 North Queen Anne N., Seattle | (206) 216-1650

The Spot: Utopia Frozen Yogurt

The Scoop: Greek yogurt is a key player in our breakfast routine, so naturally we were psyched to see its creamy goodness in frozen form at this U District treatery. Load the Lychee flavor with tons of fresh fruit and almond slivers for guilt-free gorging.

The Deets: 600 5th Avenue, Suite #101,  Seattle | (206) 682-0724