The Radar: Seattle’s Best Burgers

A classic American meal, done right in the Emerald City.

When it comes to flipping, you’re a flop. Don’t worry – we can’t all be grilling gurus.  Thankfully, Seattle’s far from lacking when it comes to perfect patty pit stops.  Below, our breakdown of the best in beef + buns — at least, as far as Seattleites are concerned.

Lil’ Woody’s  |  1211 Pine St., Seattle  |  (206) 222-2222

Must Try: Caramelized onions and crisp apples give the The Trotter , a satisfying sweet kick. Wash it all down with a thick glug of one of Woody’s hand made milk shakes, all featuring ice cream from Molly Moon’s. Follow Lil’ Woody’s on Twitter at LilWoodys


Red Mill Burgers | 312 N 67th St. | (206) 783-6362  or  1613 W Dravus St. | (206) 284-6363

Must Try: Both Oprah Winfrey and GQ have praised Red Mill’s classic creations, and you’ll definitely join them after trying the Red Mill Deluxe with cheese. Red onion, signature Mill sauce, and masterfully melted American cheese decorate a flame-broiled patty for a truly unforgettable all-American eat. As a bonus, you may pair your burger with the equally excellent onion rings for a guilty pleasure too good to feel guilty about. Note: The management at Red Mill Burgers asks that customers refrain from using their cell phones in the dining area. 


Chaco Canyon Organic Café  |  4757 12 Ave., Seattle  |  (206) 522-6966

Must Try: Chaco Canyon Organic Café’s intense veggie burger successfully proves two things: burgers can be equally nutritious and delicious, and they don’t need to be beef-based to receive a rock star rating. Their homemade lentil burger is served on an Essential Baking panino roll and loaded with yummy (not to mention good for you) cucumber, sprouts, and pickles.