Fall 2011 Fashion: What You Need To Know

Fall in love with the looks and styles of this fall season.

Seattleite takes on the trends and tells you what looks you’ll crave this fall season — with a little help from our friends at Nordstrom.

Trend #1: Ladylike Looks

After what seemed like decades (but was actually only a season or two) of leading us to drown in androgynous frocks and minimalist garb, designers have thrown a bone to women the world over by deferring to the Mad Men-esque styles we’ve grown to love on both Joan Holloway and ourselves. Baggy tops and shapeless pants will no longer pass for put-together this fall — instead, think peplum waists, darts, and figure-flattering dresses that show off your curves but leave a little to the imagination. (After all, we’re not talking bandage dresses here.)

Trend #2: Mid-Length Skirts

Hemlines have also finally fallen, much to the delight of proper ladies (and the chagrin of reality starlets) everywhere. Look for skirts that stop anywhere between the top of your kneecap and the floor — the floatier, the better. To keep the look from getting a little Laura Ingalls Wilder, pair them with loose t-shirts and belt at the waist. Short girls, take note: a maxi skirt and heels add inches like nothing you’ve ever seen. Give one a shot and prepare to be converted.

Trend #3: 70s-Style Flair (and Flares)

Sure, fashion mavens once declared the 70s to be the only decade to which we’ll never, ever return (sartorially speaking). Watch them eat their words all fall while they don high-waisted flared jeans and cords, Farrah waves, chunky heels, and skinny belts. The best part: checking the mirror before heading out for a night on Cap Hill and realizing you look like your mother in her college yearbook … and it’s awesome.

Trend #4: Just a Touch of Grunge

We’re hesitant to use the term “grunge” within a 50-mile radius of town, simply because Seattleites choose to outdo themselves in this arena at every opportunity. Nonetheless, maestros the likes of Karl Lagerfeld showed that even Chanel tweed benefits from a bit of roughening up these days. The key to looking Courtney circa 1997 and eschewing Courtney circa, well, any other period: pick a piece and stick to it. That Balmain-esque tee is great, but pairing it with distressed jeans, destroyed Fryes, and (shudder) a flannel shirt make you look like a caricature of yourself. Do Seattle a solid and rep grunge right.

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