Seattleite Book Club: September 2011

Dear Seattleite Readers,

Welcome to the Seattleite Book Club – the only virtual book club that spotlights the Pacific Northwest’s own authors and publishers! 

We featured “Pugetopolis” by Knute Berger for August’s selection. Mr. Berger, a longtime editorialist on all things Seattle, is “the perfect guy for the material,” thought Dave from Renton. “[‘Pugetopolis’] is a history lesson that every Seattleite should read — and enjoy,” remarked Donna from Kitsap County. In just four words, Mark from Mukilteo summed up the book nicely: “highly enjoyable and well-informed.” Please e-mail Seattleite Book Club comments to

September’s Selection: “Underneath it All: A Girl’s Guide to Buying, Wearing and Loving Lingerie” by Jennifer Manuel Carroll and Kathy Schultz.

Underwear is one of those topics that just can’t seem to slip out of the ‘unmentionable’ category of conversation. Why should that be? It’s the foundation to every woman’s wardrobe, and it can completely change your mood to make you feel sexy and confident.

“I was inspired to write the book because frankly, lingerie is a bit taboo and nobody really talks about it,” says Jennifer Carroll, co-author of “Underneath it All” and owner of Bellefleur Lingerie in Fremont. “I am bombarded in the shop with questions like: ‘how do you dress up in lingerie and not feel silly?,’ ‘what size am I?,’ ‘what will make my butt look better?,’ and ‘Underneath It All’ answers all these questions and much, much more.”

Relatable, tongue-in-cheek humor gets in the mood as “Underneath it All” shares a short history of panties and bras throughout the last 200 years, from breast-flattening contraptions and cone bras to tighty-whities and thongs. The book also includes an expert’s perspective toward discovering your personal lingerie style, a breakdown of the different styles and types of lingerie and how to apply those styles to your body type.

“You can tell a lot about women by the state of their underwear,” Carroll says. “Women don’t always treat themselves nicely, and underwear is an indication of how well you are taking care of yourself. For example, some women dress to the nines, but wear holey underpants. What does that say about her? … She is neglecting herself, and doesn’t want anyone to see her undressed. It is psychological and may be unconscious, but it is important that we treat ourselves like we care.”

“Underneath it All” gets down to more than just the basics, with sexy scenarios (involving your lovely underthings, of course!), care and storage tips to keep your silky thongs and lacy bras in the best of shape and also a helpful list of items every woman should keep in her drawers.

There’s more to lingerie than just panties and bras, and there are three things every woman should know, according to Carroll:

1. Some women are just clueless about lingerie! They think you only wear it for men … The point is that when you are wearing truly inspiring lingerie, you will feel sexier, and want to show it off.

2. Women think they have strange-shaped bodies. The fact is: everyone is shaped differently … Get fit by a professional and you will be shocked what you will find … The bottom line is that if you are having problems with your bra sliding, bulging, riding up, or downright driving you bonkers, it isn’t the right bra. It isn’t you, it’s the bra!

3. Regardless of price, you can find really nice, attractive underwear to wear daily … Just like clothing, if the fit is good and you feel better in your clothes, buy it.

“Underneath it All: A Girl’s Guide to Buying, Wearing and Loving Lingerie” by Jennifer Manuel Carroll and Kathy Schultz is available at Harlequin, Amazon and Bellefleur Lingerie Seattle for $11.16.