Music Madness: Bellingham’s Bear Cove Performs in Seattle

Head to The White Rabbit in Fremont and get ready to rock.

If you’re on the hunt for good-to-the-bone blues-y rock to wrap up your summer, look no further than Bellingham-based quartet, Bear Cove. With their emotionally charged lyrics and a captivating stage presence, the boys of Bear Cove will be sure to fill the night with music that won’t be easily forgotten.

Where: The White Rabbit in Fremont

When: Saturday, September 17th @ 9 p.m.

Tickets: $5 at the door

Check ’em OutThree Bellingham locals fed their dreams in 2009 by forming Bear Cove with the desire to create heartfelt music. Lead singer and guitarist Garrett Lamp’s soulful vocals accompany bass player Joel Sheppard, drummer Markus Nuckolls and recent addition, percussionist Ryan Schultheis, in accomplishing just that.

They’re the kind of band where the players sound as though they’ve been playing together for many years – they truly compliment each other – and deliver a variety of sounds that evoke a plethora of emotions and ideas. Their sound is a blend of the Black Keys’ rock star gusto paired with the otherworldliness of Mumford & Sons, which undoubtedly offers the listener a delicious hybrid of musical excellence.

Bear Cove will be performing with Black Buck and JD Hobson Saturday night, September 17th.

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Where They’ll BeThe multi-faceted White Rabbit Cafe is calm coffee shop by day and an electric music venue by night. With incredible ambience and Alice in Wonderland theme. The White Rabbit provides the kind of space that leads to intimate performances from brilliant artists.

The café features a full bar and Stumptown coffee, with even a couple cocktails involving a mix of both. What’s more, the Fremont venue aptly boasts, “You never know what you’ll find down the rabbit hole” and promises the perfect setting for enjoying the music and brews you love.

Bear Cove at The White Rabbit |  513 N 36th St, Suite E, Seattle |  (206) 588-0155