The Wrist Watch: Man’s Best Accessory

Great timepieces for the gents at every price, fit for every personality.

As technology advances we keep looking for all purpose gadgets. For a break from techno overload, consider a return to the simple luxury of a classic staple – the wrist watch. You may think it only tells time, but if you’re looking to be fashionable this season let it create your personal style starting with these unique options.

Blue Dial 

Swiss Army has been synonymous with quality watches internationally for decades. They combine modern technology and Swiss craftsmanship to create a variety of timeless styles to match your personal taste. In the spirit of fall fashion, Swiss Army has created this Blue-Dial timepiece which is just enough blue to make a statement while still complimenting your wardrobe. Watch for the Swiss Army Blue-Dial in stores and online this September.

Swiss Army Blue-Dial Victorinox | $925 | available at Swiss Army 


Modern Face

Uniform Ware watches hit the fashion scene in 2009 with their modern designs. Their mission is to create watches that are practical and long lasting. This 200 Series Calendar Wristwatch features the best quality components such as stainless steel, Italian leather, and Swiss made movement.

Uniform Ware 200 Series Calendar | $360 | available at Uniform Wares


Casual Style

Want a watch that’s stylish with out breaking the bank? The Timex Weekender Slip Thru watch features a nylon band for a perfect transition into fall. This affordable watch is great for casual and adventurous outings when you don’t want to compromise your costly one. BONUS: This watch is a good $100 dollars cheaper than the J.Crew Timex collaboration watches yet it looks strikingly similar.

Timex Weekender Slip Thru | $32 | available at Timex


Iconic Accessory

 Since 1892, Hamilton watches have been on the scene supplying watches for our armed forces and the big screen. Hamilton watches are both durable and luxurious, making them an everyday staple. Hamilton’s Khaki King watches are automatic, stainless steel and water resistant up to 100 meters.

Hamilton Khaki King | $595-$545 | available at Hamilton Watch