A treasured Washington talents shifts gears to get back on track. 

This past September, local artist Noah Gundersen released his third studio album, a 13-track compilation called “White Noise.” Commenting on this huge departure from some of his earlier work, EARMILK noted that, “Noah Gundersen has traded in his traditional acoustic crooning for something a little louder and edgier.” Entertainment Weekly observed, “Moving away from the confessional, singer-songwriter fare that made up his first two LPs, he began treading in more ambiguous, metaphorical waters.”

Head to The White Rabbit in Fremont and get ready to rock.

If you’re on the hunt for good-to-the-bone blues-y rock to wrap up your summer, look no further than Bellingham-based quartet, Bear Cove. With their emotionally charged lyrics and a captivating stage presence, the boys of Bear Cove will be sure to fill the night with music that won’t be easily forgotten.