Paving The Way To The Great Outdoors

Adventurous city-dwellers take note: Geartribe has officially arrived in Seattle.

Savvy savers have already conquered Groupon and Living Social, but now a new site has launched for the relentlessly recreational persona inside of all of us. GearTribe went live in Seattle and select areas around the Northwest last month — and with summer weather leaving us shortly, now is the time to take advantage of the company’s killer deals.

Seattleites love the outdoors almost as much as we love our coffee. With our incredibly fresh air, lush forests and breath-taking views around every corner, we’re  practically obligated to get out and play — after we’ve had our morning caffeine fix, of course.  It makes sense then that Seattleites should be the number one beneficiary of great deals on all things outdoors.

GearTribe was founded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts with a fervor for the outdoors and an aspiration to connect fellow fanatics with the gear, adventures and services that they have been seeking. The founders wanted to create long-term, sustainable relationships with local and national merchants and consumers who share the same passion for the outdoor recreation community.

Gear and lifestyle go hand in hand on this site, which does a great job of providing a broad spectrum of outdoor-focused interests including promotions for adventures, lessons, and even après fun such as massages and dining.

Right now, GearTribe customers will have access to “Local Deals” in their specific territory, but starting in September they will launch “Anywhere Deals,” which will feature product promotions that can be shipped to consumers nationwide.

Some of the local merchant partners here in Seattle include Leavenworth Mountain SportsWildernest Outdoor Store, and Seattle Bouldering Project. In addition to scoring great deals on products and outdoor adventures in and around Seattle, GearTribe consumers can support ongoing philanthropic initiatives, for organizations such as the Seattle-based Mountaineers.

Gale Evans, VP of marketing for GearTribe, says their philosophy and actual operation is a completely new experience for both retailers and consumers.

“It is our intent to deliver promotions to our customers that are compelling and relevant – not clutter their inbox with items they don’t care about. Because we work with local retailers, people are able to buy locally, connect locally, and support their local community as they enjoy great values.”

Go play outside, Seattle!