Corks+Forks: Dungeness Crab and White Rhone

Crab cakes and Roussanne – that’s what Ravish does!

Eastlake is full of “neighborhood joints.” From the Zoo Tavern’s billiards and live music to Serafina’s Sunday brunches and cooking classes to the new addition of Little Water Cantina and their mint-flourishing star-gazer patio, the restaurants are cozy and familiar, the bartenders remember names and life seems a little bit slower on this side of the lake. 

Right as the bustle of the University Bridge meets the express lanes of I-5, a quaint and community-influenced grotto called Ravish is properly tucked into a corner and adorned with love. As the “little sister” to Ravishing Radish Catering (located down the block for nearly two decades and owned by local foodies, Lisbet & Ron Mielke) two-year-old Ravish is focused on wine, cocktails and shared plates. Adorably decorated and painted in a vibrant spring green, the space seats roughly 30 people plus a miniature patio with a peek-a-boo view of the lake.

Ravishing Radish specializes in seasonal and local cuisine, displaying their passion as more than just words on a menu and the same transfers over to Ravish on Eastlake.

No neighborhood joint can be a neighborhood joint without its regulars. From the usual faces at the bar top to the dishes, Ravish tenders to its crowds with feel-good hits like meatloaf sliders, dipping spread trios and chicken skewers. Libations and courses rotate daily so freshness is never doubted, however, you can still grab a “good ol’ boy” style fare when you need to feel like your mom is back there in the kitchen.

The Restaurant:  Ravish on Eastlake – Conveniently located just below the interstate, where “believe in having good times,” tasty treats, bold beverages and where everybody knows your name. 

The Dish: Dungeness Crab Cakes — with the option and sliding pay scale of one, two or three cakes, these plump and toothsome patties are served up next to a sweet chili sauce for some heat behind the richness of the crab.

The Grape Variety: Roussanne — originally from the Rhone Valley of Southern France and distinguished as one of the six white varieties of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, this grape is typically floral, bold and texturally rich. Saturated in honey and pear, it’s more often than not blended with one of its sister Rhone varieties like Marsanne or Grenache Blanc to balance this dry, big-boned wine with slicing acidity. 

Equally voluptuous, Roussanne-based blends run along side of the crab cakes, matching its fattiness as complimentarily pronounced yet bright and juicy in flavors and texture, adding its honey tones to flirt with the sweet chili.

The Recommended Wine Match:  McCrea Cellars 2009 Roussanne — blended with 25% Grenache Blanc and handcrafted into a modest 95 cases, this is the first Roussanne-varietal. Wine to come from the legendary Boushey Vineyard in Yakima. As a Rhone Ranger of Washington in his own right, Doug McCrea’s wines are true to their mother region and respectful to their own soils. Orange, peach and pear blossom in the aromas while a backbone of acid and minerality hoist the natural rich palate and touches of honey, almost causing its consumer to salivate and dig into the lavish cakes.

In this farm-to-table jonesing town in which we dwell, Ravish couldn’t be more appealing for locals and Roussanne couldn’t appease their crab cakes any better.

Ravish on Eastlake | 2956 Eastlake Avenue East, Seattle | (206) 913.2497