Fall Threads: Tuxiz Tees For Your Next Event

From baseball to fashion, this local brand has all the bases covered.

When it comes to favorite clothing items, nothing beats that perfect t-shirt. You know, the lived-in, soft as can be, comfortable, classic and quirky tee that you just couldn’t live without. Everyone has one — and if you’re a fan of Tuxiz, you probably have quite a few.

Tuxiz was started by three friends and fellow Seattleites who wanted to create clothes to wear out, whatever the next event might be — essentially, shirts that could easily make the transition from day to night and vice versa.

“Our tag line is ‘get fitted for the next event,’ so it is a play on tuxes,” explained co-founder Ben Johnson. “We try to design shirts you can wear to a sports game but also out to a nice dinner.”

Johnson has played professional baseball with the Los Angeles Angels and Milwaukee Brewers for the last seven years. Upon returning home to Seattle, he re-enrolled at the University of Washington and began to consider a foray into the fashion industry.

The result of this venture is a killer new t-shirt company with a clever logo and original looks that effortlessly combine comfort and style.

Tuxiz’s tees express the laid-back but fashionable, sports-oriented lifestyles of its co-founders. Their most popular designs include Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose-inspired “BULLetproof,” and “It Was All A Dream,” both of which were recently featured in SLAM Magazine’s Kicks Edition as top t-shirt brands of 2011.

So what does it take to make the switch from baseball to fashion? Apparently, at least for Johnson, it is as simple as taking a creative idea and actually making it happen.

“One day we took the leap from talking to doing, it really happened that fast,” Johnson said. “The movement began and we were blessed with a great deal of inspiration coming from sports and fashion as well as our everyday lives.”

Tuxiz’s unique graphics and witty sayings have quickly made them one to watch on the style scene—and with shirt categories such as ‘Sports,’ ‘Seattle,’ and ‘Los Angeles’, they are guaranteed to tear it up on the West Coast with locally inspired merchandise.

Johnson’s personal picks for fall include their ‘RATPAC‘ v-neck style shirt paired with the incredibly comfortable looking zip-up hooded sweatshirt.

“Some must-haves for the fall locally are the ‘Price is Right,’ ‘Husky Helmet’ ‘Bring ‘Em Back,’ and ‘Beastmode,'” he added.

Want more from Tuxiz? You’re in luck, they’re launching a line of accessories this fall that will include high quality, versatile hats and sunglasses that are sure to be on par with their shirts and sweatshirts.