Fall Comforts: Café Lago’s Daisy Cinnamon Rolls

Sweeten up your day and bring some comfort to your breakfast.

The Scoop: Every morning for the last 20 years, the chefs in Montlake’s Café Lago are hard at work in preparation for the busy evening ahead. Preparing handmade pasta and tossing the café’s signature pizza dough are just two of the responsibilities as the kitchen staff buzzes around from station to station.

In recent years, Café Lago has built up a reputation for exceptional artisan pizzas that are baked by apple wood fire ovens.  Then, beginning in September 2011, weekend mornings at Café Lago started buzzing with the sounds of satisfied patrons, thanks to the restaurant’s new brunch menu.

Crave Factor: The Daisy cinnamon rolls are one item on the new menu that should not be missed. The four plump rolls combine just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar, swirled between layers of fresh, handmade dough and topped off with a dusting of powdered sugar. This is the perfect start to any blustery fall day. Sit and relish these morsels while enjoying a cup of hot coffee and watching the rain. This dish is sure to warm your soul all day long.

Fun Fact: Daisy Cinnamon Rolls are named after a line cook at the restaurant who frequently bakes them for the staff.

 Café Lago | 2305 24th Ave. E., Seattle | (206) 329-8005