Music Madness: The Neptune Gets A Makeover

And kicks off its debut with a slew of shows you just can’t miss.

Remember that quaint little movie theatre in the U-District where you could catch a film on a lone Thursday night? Well, that forlorn theatre has now transformed into the new “it” venue, a place to behold your favorite bands weekly (and daily in next week’s case!) for little dough.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Nelson.

Meet the new Neptune, another endeavor by The Seattle Theatre Group, a nonprofit group whose projects have included The Moore and The Paramount. The original theatre, which was built in 1921, re-opened its doors June 17 of this year for a “soft-opening,” and then again for its grand opening on September 25. The Neptune is truly a landmark to the area, and will now become even more prominent as a haven for those looking to indulge in the arts.

The changes made include the installation of a bar, restoration and expansion of the restrooms, and updated theatrical lighting. Extensive detailing was also added to the stage area, which included Neptune’s famous glowing eyes. The venue will not only be a place for concerts; among other entertainment and artistic events, this new venue aims to be a mecca for performing arts, community engagements, and in tradition with the old theatre, cinema.

Check out The Neptune’s all-star lineup for this week below:

Girls | Wednesday, Oct. 5 | 8 p.m.

Though the band name may misguide you, there are no females in indie-rock band Girls. Out of San Francisco, the two key members are writer/singer Christopher Owens and bassist Chet “JR” White. This groovy band bends the boundaries between classic rock and indie-rock for a startlingly unique sound that’s dizzy with California dreams and abstract stories.

The boys — who possess a certain West Coast, Beach Boys vibe — incorporate modern aspects through their use of echoing guitar fills. Girls is a fairly new group that continues to produce the sounds you’d find in your parent’s dusty record collections; the kind of music that’s been worn and perfected for years. The colorful, retro vibe of Girls is both intoxicating and melancholic at the same time, which allows for mesmerizing shows and even better, an experience you’ll always remember. (Buy Tickets)

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Washed Out | Thursday, Oct. 6 | 8 p.m.

Songwriter and producer Ernest Greene is one of those guys that started creating woozy synth-pop masterpieces in his bedroom, casually posting them on Myspace.  He soon won over music bloggers, and didn’t have time to look back from there. His stage name, Washed Out, perhaps comes from the way the music sounds: the combination of blissful synth-pop, distant vocals and psychedelic accents echoing like it’s been water-logged from days spent on the beach.

Now on tour as part of a live five-piece band, Greene’s focus has shifted into making the songs sound even better live. His breezy brand of chill-wave is textured and nostalgic. It’s not the kind of music focused on lyrics or instruments, but on the overall experience — and the emotions it evokes. (Buy Tickets)

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Wild Beasts | Friday, Oct. 7 | 9 p.m.

If you’re after the discovery of a unique sound, seeing Wild Beasts may take the cake for this week. As another UK import, Wild Beasts is ripe with boldly original sound and emotion. The band’s 80’s synthesizer beats, blurred with lead singer Hayden Thorpe’s eerie falsetto, offers the kind of performance that haunts in all of the best ways.

As a band, Wild Beasts doesn’t quite fit the persona its name suggests. Rather, their music is full of tranquil reverberations that juxtapose with Thorpe’s howl. The other group members — guitarist Ben Little, bassist Tom Fleming and drummer Chris Talbot — all contribute their own twist to create a signature brand of dreamy baroque-pop. One thing’s for certain — Wild Beasts has pushed the boundaries even further of what to expect from the broad definition of indie-rock. (Buy Tickets)

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The Neptune Theatre | 1303 Northeast 45th Street, Seattle | (206) 682-1414