Delicious Arrival: Cake Envy Opens Its Doors

A recap of the opening event, through the eyes of a lover of all things sweet.

Cake Envy celebrated its grand opening in Greenlake on Saturday, Oct. 1 — right in time for fall, otherwise known in Seattle as comfort food season. But who am I kidding? Cake is delicious any time of year. And so, on a rather rainy Saturday afternoon, my girlfriend and I set out to perform the ultimate taste test.

When we first set foot in this modern, inviting and rather large space, I thought to myself, “yet another cupcake shop in Seattle.” But after one bite into a moist cupcake with creamy, silk like frosting that tasted of coconut bliss, I was hooked.

The owner, a bright and friendly gal named Helen Noh, was on hand to greet and chat with guests at the opening. The three-hour event highlighted a sampling of Cake Envy’s flavors, such as Almond Creme Anglaise, Coconut Lime and Chocolate Espresso.

As a caricature artist captured the faces of event guests, an old-fashioned “cake-walk” kicked off. Every time a winning number is called, the prize included an assortment of cupcakes and a gift card to Cake Envy. A grand prize was also given – in the form of a wedding cake. I didn’t win. I think my boyfriend was silently relieved.

“As a child, I’d always wanted to open a bakery,” explained Noh, who has baked cakes since junior high school. “I had a vision and wanted this to be different from the other cake shops. [A place that offers] wedding and celebration cakes and cupcakes while also providing an environment where people come to hang out, meet for a date, sip on a cup of joe, surf the net and get a glass of wine, beer or bubbly to accompany their sweet treat. It was not until the end of last year that I said to myself, ‘if not now, when?'”

One thing you’ll notice about Cake Envy’s frosting is it has the perfect amount of sweetness — and according to Noh, it’s not an accident.

“I am a huge fan of sweets and desserts, but I couldn’t seem to find the right place that fit my sweetness level,” she said. “Our products are just lightly sweetened so you will not get a mouthful of sugar. We use Italian meringue buttercream which is soft and silky – almost whipped cream-like – and much lighter in texture”

My friend could not have said it better in her cupcake stuffed mouthed words: “Wow. This place is special. This is the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten.” So grab your friends and gather at Cake Envy for a scrumptious cupcake and a glass of wine. “If not now, when?”

Cake Envy is open: Monday — Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from 8 to midnight; and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Cake Envy | 7900 East Green Lake Dr. N. (Suite #106), Seattle | (206) 453-3337