Run Brain Run Presents Fun For Adults

Who says you’re too old for a scavenger hunt?

The organizers of Run Brain Run are known throughout the Pacific Northwest for devising ingenious competitions, in which teams must compete for prizes and bragging rights by solving puzzles, cracking codes and thinking outside the box. Their next project is a doozy — “Search Party,” ascavenger hunt that takes contestants to Woodland Park Zoo, Pioneer Square, Seattle Art Museum and other locations across the city.

This event will kick off at Pike Place Market on Saturday, Nov. 5. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to analyze maps, decipher word puzzles, uncover hidden clues and find the final clue before every other opposing team. The hunt builds communication skills, fosters teamwork and ultimately brings each team together — so it’s the perfect activity for any group of friends, relatives or co-workers.

Run Brain Run keeps the goals simple: no IQ tests, prerequisites, rope courses or feats of strength are required to enjoy “Search Party.” Only the desire to have a good time is necessary. In addition, Run Brain Run offers fun game enhancers, such as HD video cameras to document the action and customized clues about you and your teammates. As an added bonus, participants will receive a list of post-hunt dinner options.

Get your team together today for this weekend’s adventure. Group reservations can be made online; the entry fee starts at $25 per person.

Search Party  |  Pike Place Market  |  Saturday, Nov. 5