Butcher Benefit Dinner Series: Noble and Tasty

An exciting, inspiring web series, courtesy of some conscientious Seattleites.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own farm — a little patch of dirt to nurture and cultivate fresh, sustainable food that nourishes your loved ones, as well as your local community? If you have — or you’re just curious about proper butchering techniques — then check out “On the Anatomy of Thrift,” the new web series from Farmstead Meatsmith and Farmrun that aims to educate the general public on the correct way to prepare and serve an animal.

On Sunday, Dec. 18th at 5pm, Farmstead Meatsmith and Skillet Street Food will throw a release party for “On the Anatomy of Thrift” at Hilliard’s Beer. Celebrants will get the chance to view the series’ first installment, as well as enjoy a fabulous six-course meal featuring half a hog and lots of beer and wine. Local butchers will also be on hand to give a full demonstration.

For prospective farmers and butchers who are unable to attend the viewing party, this instructional series can currently be viewed online. Farmrun: Media for a Farm Run America, is the first dedicated agricultural production studio in the country focused on bringing the stories and triumphs of a constantly changing agricultural narrative to life.

Farmrun was founded by Andrew Plotsky, an East Coast native who fell in love with growing food and creating media. The company unites both of these passions as it strives to produce handsome, thought-provoking media that sheds light on the importance of responsible agricultural practices.

Farmrun is based on Vashon Island, where Plotsky also works with Farmstead Meatsmith, an established animal processing business. If you enjoy “On the Anatomy of Thrift,” and are curious to learn more, Farmstead Meatsmith has a number of upcoming classes, including ‘Hands-on Pork Butchery,’ ‘Pork Butchery with Sea Breeze Farm,’ and ‘Cure the Butcher’s Pig.

Farmstead Meatsmith’s previous Butcher’s Benefit dinner was a huge success — which means the 75 available tickets available for this one will go fast!

Butcher Benefit Dinner Series at Hilliard’s Beer | Sunday, Dec. 18 | 5 to 9 p.m.