Okay, okay, the official name of this event actually refers to it as a “round-up” but ehh. You say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to. You say round-up, I say rodeo. I can see it now: a herd of food trucks grazing the Seattle streets when out of nowhere a starving Seattleite attempts to lasso one of them using an over-sized fork and only being thwarted by the latest in the Super Sonics NBA-decision distraction.

Woodinville’s favorite wine tasting weekend is back and better – and longer – than ever!

Fear not, thirsty Seattleites — a unique wine country opportunity lies just over the Sammamish River Valley. Though the city of Woodinville boasts the wildly popular Red Hook Brewery, as well as several locally sourced restaurants like Herbfarm, the community is best known for its thriving wine scene.