Happenin’ Happy Hour: Local 360

A Belltown cafe that brings regional products to Seattleite patrons.

Anchoring the middle stretch of 1st Avenue in Belltown, Local 360 is a central feature in the city’s movement towards locally-sourced cuisine. The number has meaning — the majority of products served at the eater come from within 400 miles of the city, booze included. All this makes for a tasty menu, and a downright steal when it comes to Happy Hour — though I’m sure the restaurant properly procures their goods.

Must-Have Happy Times Eats: For starters, raw oysters ($1 each) and fried pumpkin seeds ($2) are a must. If you’re still hungry, fall into the sloppy pulled pork sandwich with slaw ($8) or the rabbit country-style pate’ ($5). The latter is sure make you shrug your shoulders next time you see a bunny during a run around Green Lake. 

Must-Have Libations: Local 360 boasts plenty of urban booze, but goes past the usual tap run and right into domestic liquors. This makes for an adventuresome cocktail menu, in which perennial classics are supplemented with Northwest spirits like the Lower Queen Anne Manhattan (made from Snake River Stampede 8-year-old whiskey) and the NW 75 (which uses Voyager Gin from Pacific Distillery in Woodinville). Cocktails are priced at $8 per punch in the face.

The tap run features Alpine Heifeweizen, Pacific Pale Ale, and Local 360’s own lager for $4. Not feeling any of the specialty cocktails? No worries — the $5 well drinks are all made using local spirits, meaning yours are sure to be lifted. 

Happy Times: Every day from 3 to 6 p.m., and then again from 10 p.m. to closing time. 

Local 360  |  2234 1st Ave., Belltown  | (206) 441-9360