Nerd Out At The Holiday Pub Quiz!

This month, show Pioneer Square who’s the geekiest of them all.

Is your intelligence heightened after a good buzz? Do you have a keen (and rather embarrassing) knowledge of obscure information? Well, Geeks Who Drink (GWD) and Merchants Café and Saloon invite you to prove it at Pioneer Square’s Holiday Trivia Nights, which will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. on both Thursday, Dec. 22, and Thursday, Dec. 29.

If you’re currently earning a Masters in Poli Sci at the University of Washington (or in a similar predicament), this is the perfect opportunity to get your fellow students outside the classroom and determine, once and for all, who’s smarter than who. Or is it whom?

Either way, contestants can look forward to entertaining holiday questions that are sure to stump Mr. Claus himself and a $200 cash prize for the winners, as well as complimentary snacks. Participation in the event will be capped when the café reaches its capacity — and since enrollment kicks off at 5 p.m., you and your teammates might want to arrive as early as possible.

A few years back, GWD — a group of smarty-pants from Boulder, Colo. — started their own homegrown pub quiz in a local bar. Today, these professional poindexters host weekly quizzes in more than 150 watering holes across 15 states. Seattle locations that feature weekly GWD quizzes include The Blarney Stone (Mondays), Buckley’s in Belltown (Tuesdays), Frontier Room (Wednesdays), The Highliner Pub (Thursdays) and The White Rabbit (Sundays).

The questions for each quiz are derived from a number of sources, including global news, pop culture and plain-old general knowledge. To avoid any age bias, some topics cater to young folks, while there is also bound to be stuff only your grandmother could answer correctly. Movie clips, sound bites and some truly bizarre categories ensure you don’t have to be a guru of useless knowledge to enjoy your evening.

Prizes for the winning team(s) don’t hurt either; each location varies, but top performers might win gift certificates, merchandise or straight cash.

A complete GWD quiz schedule for Seattle is available online.

Holiday Trivia Nights at Merchants Café and Saloon | Dec. 22 and 29 | 6 to 8 p.m.