New Year Libations: Copperleaf’s Rogue Street

Flavors of fresh orange and Oregon hazelnuts create a palate-pleasing package.

Crave Factor:

Head south to satisfy your palate with the flavor of roasted Oregon hazelnuts in this delectable cocktail. Luckily, you don’t have to travel as far as the Rose City — only to SeaTac’s Copperleaf Restaurant & Bar, located inside the Cedarbrook Lodge. The Rogue Street cocktail exudes the warmth of sweet spices from Rogue Distillery’s hazelnut rum with orange overtones and rich vanilla scents mingled with cinnamon and clove. Made from toasted Oregon hazelnuts, orange peel, Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean, cinnamon and clove — this liquor is topped off with just a touch of fresh orange, making it the perfect palate-pleasing balance to start the New Year.

The Not So Secret Recipe:

  • 1½ ounces Rogue Distillery’s Hazelnut Rum
  • a splash of Triple Sec
  • touch of Sweet Vermouth, shaken and garnished with an orange twist

Fun Fact:

Copperleaf highly values the farm-to-table experience, and the chefs have very high standards for the local ingredients they use. Their passion for quality goes straight to the source – farms, ranches and streams. These products are cultivated and nurtured under the watchful eyes of equally responsible local suppliers, who are chosen for their commitment to offer hand-selected products directly from their farms, fields, trees and nets. No middle man.

Copperleaf Restaurant | 18525 36th Ave. S., Seattle | (206) 214-4282