Happenin’ Happy Hour: Hama Hama Oysters At Bastille

A choice, locally-sourced bivalve joins the celebrated bistro’s HH line-up.

As Seattle’s temperamental weather system does everything it can to keep us numb and cold, we must seek our rick flavors in order to keep winter moving right along. Luckily, Bastille Café & Bar aims to please your palette with its newest Happy Hour addition: fresh oysters ($1 each), courtesy of Washington’s own Hama Hama Oyster Company.

Must-Have Grub: In business since 1922, the company is named for the river near Hood Canal where its shellfish are harvested. Hama Hama oysters were among the first served on the half-shell in local restaurants, and have remained a local favorite ever since. According to Bastille Chef Jason Stoneburner, they are distinguished by briny flavor, firm meat and a smooth finish.

“I’ve been lucky enough to familiarize myself with Hama Hama and their stellar oysters since they’ve joined the Ballard Farmer’s Market,” says Chef Stoneburner. “I want everyone to have the same opportunity to experience [them].”

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, Adam Jones — Hama Hama’s head oyster farmer — will visit Bastille from 4:30 to 6 p.m. to oversee consumption of his product and address audience questions with the chef.

Must-Have Libations: Bastille’s HH drink menu is long and generous. If you prefer to pair your bivalve with a pint of ale, the tap run includes such gems as Chuckanut Brewery Kolsch ($3), Kronenbourg “1664” ($3.50), Fischer Amber ($9) and Delirium Tremens ($10). If you’d rather enjoy your oysters with wine, a 500-milliliter carafe of house red, white or rosé is yours for $10.

Then, there’s the cocktail line-up. For a mere $5, les patrons can enjoy one of Bastille’s four signature French cocktails, including: French 75, a combination of gin, Champagne, lemon and sugar; La Muse, a blend of vodka, Cassis and grapefruit juice, served on the rocks with a splash of Crémant; Bee’s Knees, a vodka mixer made with honey from Bastille’s own rooftop hives; and La Rive Gauche, a daring union of three classic French spirits — St.-Germain elderflower liqueur, Crémant and Cassis.

Happy Times: Oyster Happy Hour will run every Monday through Wednesday from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

Bastille Café & Bar  |  5307 Ballard Ave. N.W., Ballard  |  (206) 453-5014