East meets West with Shen Wei Dance Arts

A visual spectacle of Olympic proportion dazzles its way into Seattle.

Shen Wei – ever heard of him?  He’s the guy who once received the MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship; the Chinese-born dancer who the Washington Post hailed as “[o]ne of the greatest artists of our time”.  Nothing?  Maybe this will ring a bell: Wei was the lead choreographer for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  Sound familiar, yet?

[tentblogger-youtube 1MjTr7ZKu-8]

Come Thursday, Feb. 2, Seattleites will be buzzing about Wei and Shen Wei Dance Arts, as his latest and greatest visual spectacle descends upon Meany Hall at the University of Washington.

For over a decade, Wei has served as Artistic Director to his namesake’s dance company, utilizing elements of Eastern Philosophy and traditional and contemporary conceptions of visual art to create an enchanting breed of theatrical dance unlike any other.  Today, Wei’s choreography can be somewhat likened to blending the awe-inspiring intrigue of Cirque di Soleil, the drama of Greek tragedies, and the disjointed connectivity of a Gertrude Stein poem – all performed in classic, Wei, minimalist wardrobes.

Shen Wei Dance Arts will be performing for three nights at Meany Hall.  But for those who can’t get enough, you’re in luck: you can join your fellow dance aficionados after Thursday’s performance at LUCID and get the chance to meet some of the members of the company.

So whether you’ve heard of Wei before; whether you’re a dance fiend or just a lover of the arts – you won’t want to miss out on this visual spectacle of Olympic proportions.  Tickets are $42 for general admission; $40 for UW Faculty, staff, and alumni; and only $20 for students.

Shen Wei Dance Arts at Meany Hall (University of Washington) | Thursday, Feb. 2 – 5