Superbowl Hot Spot: Rookies Sports Bar

Come celebrate an old Superbowl matchup in a new South Seattle venue.

It’s déjà vu all over again: Superbowl XLVI features an all too-familiar Patriots-Giants matchup at the middle-of-almost-nowhere Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  While Seattleites may not have a hometown team to root for or a West Coast venue to gloat over, South Seattleites have a new local spot to mix things up – to band together and root against the East Coast team of their choosing this Superbowl.

Enter Rookies Sports Bar in Columbia City.

Though only two-months old, Rookies is no chump.  Tucked away on a side street in the Landmark District of Columbia City, this local sports bar has already nabbed the title as the only South Seattle sports bar east of I-5, giving folks “down south” a neighborhood joint to satisfy their local sports cravings without the hassle of trekking downtown.

“My husband, Sam and I live in the neighborhood and know that Columbia City needed a sports bar where you could eat a bomb cheeseburger and enjoy watching the game with good people,” said Heather Allard, one of the owners of Rookies.  “We love sports, good food, and most of all, good people, so Sam and I decided why not open up a place like Rookies?”

Baseball bats decorate the interior of Rookies Sports Bar.

With 12 HD TVs, a more than sufficient speaker-system, and (nearly) all the channels a sports fanatic could ask for, there’s never a bad seat in the house.  Owner Sam Allard meticulously designed Rookies to creatively marry sophistication and comfort by placing plush booths atop the reclaimed high school basketball floors from Vancouver, WA, lighting the bar with Mason jar-covered lights, and creating an intricate metal bat sculpture to greet patrons upon entering.  (The fresh roses on every table add a nice touch, too.)

And like the design aesthetic, the locally-sourced food is far from run-of-the-mill.  The Gorgonzola Waffle Fries (yes, they have waffle fries!), goat cheese goodness-filled jalapenos, wrapped in apple-smoked bacon ($9), and a heaping plate of Knockout Nachos ($10) are great ways to “kick off” the meal, especially when followed by a savory Peppercorn Mushroom Burger ($12) or a partially nutritious, all-the-time delicious Steak Salad ($14).

Rookies' Bloody Mary.

And don’t forget that in addition to microbrews like Fremont IPAs and Manny’s Pale Ale ($5), Rookies offers Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s (with a bacon salted rim and a pepperoni stick for garnish) for $5 all day, every day.  (After all, it’s the Rookies preferred way of satisfying your daily quotient of fruits and veggies.)

On Superbowl Sunday, this South Seattle sports bar will also offer Stadium Style Hot Dogs, old school peanuts, buckets of brewskis, and free Rookies’ koozies to celebrate Rookies’ First Annual Super Bowl Bash.

But more than anything, Heather takes pride in making Rookies a spot where “everybody knows your name.”

“Sure, we [Sam and I] want people to come for the food, but we want people to come back for the people,” said Heather.  “More than anything, I’m proud of the family-friendly vibe that we created here.  We don’t take things too seriously and are just here to provide good service and have a good time with good people.”

So head to sparkling-new Rookies Sports Bar and experience the stale Superbowl matchup like it’s the first time.

Rookies Sports Bar | 3820 S. Ferdinand St., Seattle | (206) 722-0301