Sexy Food: Treat Your Valentine to a Night on the Edge

Get lucky at Edgewater Hotel’s Six Seven Restaurant.

Valentine’s Day is largely a game of chance. If you play your cards right, the end result could be very pleasurable for you and your eager lover, but you have to know how to work that hand. Consider it the one night of the year where you’ve got to act and think like a World Series of Poker champion. You can remove some of the risk if you study scenarios, make a concrete gameplan and use your cards to the very best of your ability.

One surefire way you can mitigate your chances of losing the pot is to absolutely nail the restaurant choice. In our fair city so chockfull of lush and trendy food, this is a deceptively difficult task. You could take her to the hottest hotspot on The Hill, fully prepared to see and be seen, not realizing she wants a cushy booth and a big steak rather than a bone luge (the latest cocktail trend that involves taking a shot of alcohol off a marrow bone) either before or after dinner.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, classic romance is the note you want to hit. There are several restaurants in town that fit the bill; one such is Six Seven in the Edgewater Hotel. It’s got history and ambience in spades, and the location on the best part of the Seattle waterfront is unsurpassed.

Watching ferries come and go between the amuse bouche and the intermezzo is enough to make you want to get down on one knee and propose a lifelong marriage to your sweetheart, with the caveat that you remain in enchanting Seattle, of course.

The décor is hunter chic; antlers and leather share visual space with metallic beaded curtains. The real focus though, is on all that expansive water that has long made The Edgewater an eponymous Seattle landmark.

The Valentine’s Day menu includes items like an ahi tuna pave with grapefruit, taro, sea salt, and avocado. The ahi is soft as butter and boasts the same tender texture as your lover’s lips. Also from the sea is the butter-poached Maine Lobster. It’s served with black truffle and leek bread pudding, haricot vert, and caviar butter sauce. This dish is the epitome of old-world luxury and it’s light and elegant enough to titillate rather than sedate.

For the hearty eaters among you, don’t miss the roasted lamb loin with spinach, gnocchi, butternut squash puree, huckleberry compote and smoked chocolate reduction. It sounds like more than a mouthful and it is, but each element plays off one another like an orgy of flavor.

If you really want to seal the deal, consider capping the night with a stay in one of The Edgewater’s expansive suites. The view would make the perfect backdrop for your every gentle embrace.

For reservations call: 206-269-4575. Valentine’s prix fixe menu is available for $95 without wine.

Six Seven Restaurant at Edgewater Hotel | 2411 Alaskan Way # 67,  Seattle | (206) 728-7000