What’s Hot: Rock Paper Scissors Tournament at Finn MacCool’s

It’s bloodthirsty competition for the title and major bragging rights.

Don’t be mistaken – there is no ironic, hidden message in this headline.  “Gaels” is not an Australian phonetic misspelling and to the delight of the fourth grader inside you, the Seattle Gaels actually host an annual Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) tournament.

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Paying homage to Gaelic traditions, the Seattle Gaels is the “branch” of the Irish Heritage Club that aims to encourage the proliferation of distinctly Irish sports such as Gaelic Football, Hurling, and Camogie here in the Pacific Northwest.  With over a 50 year history, the Seattle Gaels have established themselves as lovers of Irish culture and fierce competitors.

Perhaps, then, it comes as no surprise that when the Seattle Gaels put on a Rock, Paper, Scissors tourney, it is unlike the innocuous recess game you played in as a kid.  On Saturday, Feb. 25, Seattleites from near and far will convene at Fin MacCool’s in the U-District in an attempt to outsmart and outlast their competitors in this fist-pounding hand game.  At stake?  A monstrous trophy and better yet, bragging rights to be called the official 2012 Rock, Paper, Scissors champion of the Emerald City.

After the initial “free play” round in which anyone (21 and over) can play, the top eight finishers will be pitted against one another in bracket play to determine who will reign supreme.  A seasoned referee will be present to carefully observe and keep score, as will a rowdy, rag-tag bunch of RPS/beer aficionados.

If you’ve ever had the desire to really challenge your wits and stamina; if you’ve ever wanted to have a moment of adulation, showered upon you by a crowd of strangers, as you emerge as a champion of the people – then gear up and start training to compete in the Rock, Paper, Scissors, Seattle Gaels style.  Your moment of glory awaits.

Cost to Play: $5

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament at Finn MacCool’s | Saturday, Feb. 25 | 7 p.m.