March Foodie Madness: Best Appetizer, Café Lago’s Pomodori al Forno

This Montlake jewel offers one of the best ways to start a meal.

The Spot: Café Lago has blessed Seattle with 22 years of handcrafted, delicate pastas. This corner restaurant offers a welcoming and unassuming feel, complete with paper table covers that leave the spotlight on their spectacular fare.

The Dish: The Pomodori al Forno reminds us that culinary perfection doesn’t require complexity. San Marzano plum tomatoes are paired with herbed goat cheese and crisp crostini. For maximum flavor enjoyment, spread the cheese on the crostini first and then top off with one of the slow-roasted, caramelized tomatoes. Keep your taste buds elated by chasing this appetizer with their legendary lasagna.

Café Lago | 2305 24th Ave E, Seattle | (206) 329-8005

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