March Foodie Madness: Best Pizza, Big Mario’s New York Style Cheese Slice

Finally, Seattle gets a little slice of the Big Apple.

The Spot: Big Mario’s fits perfectly in its Cap Hill location—a dive bar with a laid back crowd that knows where to find the best pizza in town. Red pleather booths, old beer signs and a large framed photo of Mario himself provide the appropriate backdrop. As if that’s not enough of a draw, note they are open until 4 a.m. on Thursday through Saturday.

The Dish: In “Scent of Woman,” Al Pacino’s character lays out the cold truth: “Bread’s no good west of the Colorado. Water’s too alkaline”. And so is our sad state of bagels and pizza dough here in Seattle. Amazingly, Big Mario seems to defy chemistry. His pizza somehow offers the most authentic crust outside of the Big Apple (as a former New Yorker, I speak with some false sense of expertise).Order the cheese slice, the ultimate litmus test of any pizzeria, and enjoy.

You’ll appreciate the fact that they throw it into the oven without you even asking and what emerges is a nicely well-done slice (good luck trying to get other Seattle places to properly heat up a slice). The cheese is just stringy enough and the sauce is a nice balance of sweet and savory. You’ll hear the crust crack with your first bite and you’ll be instantly transported to the City that Never Sleeps.

Big Mario’s New York Style Pizza | 1009 E Pike St, Seattle | (206) 922-3875

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