Happenin’ Happy Hour: Cactus at SLU

Enjoy fresh cocktails and zesty eats in this happenin’ South Lake Union destination.

So fresh and so clean.  Shiny, new, bright, but most of all – delicious.  These are my favorite adjectives when describing South Lake Union’s Cactus offering, a vibrant space in the heart of Amazon’s jungle.

It’s easy to build upon a reputation and previous successes when providing such products as Cactus regularly delivers.  Their food theory is a blend of Spanish, Mexican, and Southwest flavors that present well in a setting as comfortable as any abuela’s kitchen.  The drinks follow suit in a consistent, smart, “wow, that’s really good,” fashion, leaving only a taste of lime (usually) and happiness to prickle one’s lips.

Cactus Mojito.

Must Have Eats:  Like all good happy hours, Cactus has the finger food category covered with chips and homemade salsa ($2) or guacamole ($4), but don’t stop there.  If you’re looking to a bit more wild, try to the bacon wrapped grilled jalapenos with butter milk creme’ ($4).  Still feeling optimistic? Take to the land of the devil with Cactus’ fire laced crispy camerones (shrimp) with mango-pineapple mojo for cooling at $6.

Must Have Drinks:  From here on out, Cactus keeps it simple.  House sangria pours for $5 along with the house red (Distance Bay Cabernet Sauvignon) while the William Hill Estate Chard goes for $6.  Things start to get interesting with XX Amber (insert your own most interesting man in the world joke here) at $3.50.  Stampeding on, the house margarita and mojito pop in for $5.50 a go, and with their tongue healing / loosening powers, are well worth it.

Happy Times:  Monday through Friday 3-6 / Saturday and Sunday 3-5

Cactus at SLU | 350 Terry Avenue N, Seattle | (206) 913-2250