March Foodie Madness: Best Pasta, Osteria La Spiga’s Tagliatelle Al Burro Di Tartufo

This Cap Hill osteria lives up to its name as a neighborhood spot for food and friends.

The Spot: The aroma of North Italian cuisine fills 6,000 square feet of open space with beautiful exposed wood. La Spiga is named after la spiga di grano, a shaft of wheat. An apt name as it is the essential ingredient in the pastas and breads that are meticulously prepared on premises. You also shouldn’t be surprised to hear that even the cherry tomatoes in the caprese salad are known to come from the chef’s garden. Be sure to celebrate a spectacular Seattle summer day on La Spiga’s open patio by savoring a glass of wine.

The Dish: Seattle is blessed with so many wonderful Italian restaurants (Café Lago and Spinasse come to mind in addition to La Spiga), how does one select the best pasta dish? When in doubt, go with simplicity and unique flavor. La Spiga’s Tagliatelle al Burro di Tartufo delivers. The delicate pasta is served in a rich Alba truffle butter. This white truffle is one of the most prized mushrooms and one of the most expensive. No worries though, this taste of ambrosia will only set you back a mere $14.

Osteria La Spiga | 1429 12th Ave, Seattle | (206) 323-8881

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