March Foodie Madness: Best Taco, Gordon Biersch’s Cajun Fish Tacos

Who would imagine that an American chain restaurant serves a mean taco?

The Spot: What began over 20 years ago as a brewery and restaurant in Palo Alto, Gordon Biersch now boasts over 30 restaurants throughout the US (and oddly enough, 3 in Taiwan). The chain claims they provide “fresh, handcrafted beer and premium, made-from-scratch food” and a welcoming environment. It’s easy to be a skeptical of these big restaurants, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by one dish in particular.

The Dish: If you’re looking for an inexpensive, authentic Mexican taco you may want to stop reading now. If however, you’re open to a more Americanized interpretation (one that is a bit pricier than your average tortilla wrap) that will surprise you with unique flavors and textures, read on. The Cajun fish taco (they also serve a nice lobster and shrimp variation) will delight. Two large tacos are served filled to the brim with pico, juicy fish, and Cajun spices. What really makes the dish is the hard and soft taco shells that provide just the right amount of support for the delicious ingredients and offer a great texture for eat bite. Put your lingering skepticism aside and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Gordon Biersch | 600 Pine Street Suite 401, Seattle | 206-405-4205

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