What’s Cooking: Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival

It’s OK to be cheesy at this weekend’s mecca for stinky goodness.

Still eating cheese out of cellophane wrappers? Don’t know the difference between cheddar and chèvre?  Come experience the fascinating and complex, delicious culinary creation that is artisan cheese at Seattle’s first annual Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival.

In the past few years, the cheesemakeing industry in Washington state has seen an unbelievable increase- from 13 liscened cheese producers in 2004 to more then 64 across the state.

The first annual cheesemaker’s festival will introduce you to the various cow, goat, and sheep cheeses as well as educate you about the milk, age, texture and rind, as well as serving suggestions in order to enjoy the maximum flavor and aroma.

Who:  The Cheesemaker’s festival will feature samples  of a wide variety of artisan cheeses as well as locally made fine foods and beverage pairings. Meet with local cheesemakers, learn about their products, and philosophy and share their intense passion.

Where:  This year’s festival will take place at Seattle’s Deign Center (5701 6th Ave S.) in Georgetown.

When: Saturday, April 7 from 12 to 6 p.m.

How Much: Advanced tickets can be purchased online for $35, or at the door for $40. Admission to the festival includes cheese samples and three tasting tickets for beer wind or cider. Additional tasting tickets are available for $2 during the festival.

Why: All proceeds generated from this event goes to benefit the Cascade Harvest Coalition, a non-profit group dedicated to connecting local food with local consumers.

Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival at Seattle Design Center | Saturday, April 7 | 12 p.m.