What’s Hot: Golazo

Get hydrated and energized — the natural way — this soccer season.

There are three things that Seattleites have come to love in recent years: things that are locally produced, things that are all-natural, and things that are related to soccer.  Mix them together, bottle them up, and you get Golazo, the newest sports drink to hit the Pacific Northwest.

That’s what founders Richard Tait, co-inventor of Cranium and Seattle entrepreneur Alex Rosenast did.  Channeling their passion for soccer and love for the Pacific Northwest, these founders adopted “We Fuel Fùtbol” as their motto to create a new formula for sports drinks that would provide a boost of energy and sustained hydration and for Seattleites, both on and off the field.

Meaning “super goal” in Spanish, Golazo (or should we say G-O-O-O-L-A-A-A-Z-O-O-O!!) has muscled its way to stand out amongst the well-established heavy hitters in the sport drink scene.  Their secret?  The fact that there is none: Golazo only uses natural ingredients like coconut water and agave nectar and steers clear of any artificial preservatives or colors, genetically modified ingredients or harsh chemicals.  Read the label and you’ll notice that there’s no mystery polysyllabic chemical compound in the drink that you’re swigging down.

Headquartered in Seattle and manufactured in Portland, Golazo features all-natural energy drinks, as well as a recently launched line of all-natural hydration drinks that takes a new approach to sports hydration and rejuvenation.  Not only do the hydration beverages include only half the sodium than their leading competitors and the 12-ounce energy drinks contain 50 percent less sugar and almost half the calories compared to the top three energy drinks, but they taste better, too.

With Latin-inspired flavors like Mango-Limòn, Jamaica (Hibiscus Punch), Mandarina, and Limonada (hydration line only), Golazo introduces new (all-natural) flavor profiles that don’t have that lingering, artificially sweetened aftertaste that is characteristic of other competing brands.

Golazo products can be found in more than 800 retailers across the Northwest including well-known locations like Whole Foods, Uwajimaya, PCC Natural Market, and QFC.  Out of towners don’t have  to be left out, either, as Golazo can also be purchased on Amazon.

Don’t stay thirsty this soccer season.  Stay hydrated and get energized with Golazo.  It’s only natural.