Happenin’ Happy Hour: Talaricos

Still miss the Sopranos?  Drop into this West Seattle joint and get your fix for Italian-style eats, drinks, and attitude.

For those who grew up in West Seattle, or at least know of it a bit, the borough’s ability to set itself apart from the rest of the city is undeniable.  Sure, the peninsula that hosts Alki and other great sunny weather spots is only minutes away from downtown, but to fully understand what’s happening across the bridge that doesn’t have an “I-” in front of it is to live there now, been raised there, or like me, dated someone who was raised there.

It might as well be an island with the blue collar, rag-tag, “what are you doing over here?” culture that runs from the bridge’s firsts exits to the Vashon ferry dock.

No where is this mentality more prevalent than on a weekend at Talaricos where the locals dance, drink, and stare at each other like they’re in an old west border town saloon.  Glance at someone the wrong way, and it’s at least a stern talking.  I find this type of attitude fairly enduring in a city where passiveness (mea culpa) overrides an aggressive attitude nine times out of ten.  Following suit with its patrons, Talaricos happy hour menu caters to its clientele.

Must Have Eats: All that follows goes for $5.  Caprese salads are just something that is right with the world, and Talaricos’ doesn’t stray from the classic recipe.  Being an Italian restaurant, it would behoove you to try the properly spiced house meatballs.  Finally, get some cheese into the fold with a parmesan, mozzarella, and jack cheese artichoke dip.

Going a dollar down to $4, many of Tally’s signature slices like the Sinatra (spicy sausage, peppercinis, black olives, mozzarella) are also up for happy hour consumption.

Must Have Drinks:  Draft beers go for $3.50, which is great when the likes of Mac and Jacks, Mannys, and the elusive Peroni are involved.  From there follow the well cocktails ($4.50) and wines by the glass ($5) that in my mind are all just pre-cursors to the glass of champagne also at $5.  Sometimes, and this is a man who likes his beer saying this, a stem of champagne in the afternoon can go a long way.  That being said, it doesn’t bode well if you’re asking permission to set down your glass of brut before a tussle (“Here baby, hold onto this for me.  I gotta talk to this guy…No, you can’t have any!”), but to each his own.

Happy Times:  (3-6, 11-1 Daily)

Talaricos| 4718 California Ave SW, Seattle | (206) 937-3463