Virtual Vanity: Bikini Blast

Photo: Veer/Dmitry Rogatnev

Get down below beauty at Salon Dewi in Capitol Hill.

I was psyched when Travis, my favorite bikini waxer ever, casually invited me to come in for a “Bikini Blast.” Being almost cult leader-y obsessed with everything-off waxing (plus, an ahem… investigative beauty journalist by trade), I was already vaguely familiar with the treatment. To put it bluntly: it’s a facial for your private parts. You know, steaming, peels, masques, extractions, buffing — the works.

Travis is like the Picasso of pubic hair. I was first introduced to Salon Dewi and their magic after I moved to Seattle and found myself in dire need for a new hair removing guru. I did a Google search for “best bikini waxer in Seattle” (hey, priorities) and was immediately inundated with all his press and praise. Sold.

The facial, or “Bikini Blast”, as Travis calls it, is designed to help alleviate ingrown hairs. Also, most products used are from Sweet Spot, so it’s all specific to that “area.” The Picasso of pubic hair starts by painting on a yummy-scented enzyme peel, then steaming, and finally, a diamond abrasion. The buzzy metal wand blasts and buffs over your bits, leaving your skin baby-smooth.

Next up: extractions. Because this process is slightly painful, he suggests those with tons of ingrowns schedule three consecutive treatments. An aloe-packed mud masque, applied directly after, truly saved the day. Travis spackled the green stuff on, covered me up with a moist towel, tossed me some tabloids and told me to sit tight (pun not intended) for 10 minutes. He finished with a toner and soy moisturizer.

The result: I was gleaming. I felt strangely… nice. Fresh. I also haven’t shut up about it to all of my friends. The bottom line: down below beauty isn’t just for porn stars and aspiring Playboy models — it’s more like sending a “Thinking of You” card to your “area.”

Salon Dewi | 1525 14th Avenue, Seattle | (206) 381-3482