Happenin’ Happy Hour: The Gerald

Sleek mid-century modern interiors at The Gerald in Ballard. Photo by Suzi Pratt.

Sleek design and contemporary comfort food shine anew in Ballard’s newest eatery.

If there were a new restaurant that currently encapsulates Ballard and its late trend of thoughtfully mixing old buildings with modern ideas, it would be The Gerald.

Sleek mid-century modern interiors at The Gerald in Ballard. Photo by Suzi Pratt.

To see said fusion, one only has to take in one of the new bar’s booths that feature a square lined wooden table, off orange cushions, and plaid carpet underneath. By looks alone, I find it to be the perfect “hang” due to the slick stylings, a laid back staff (who make an effort to learn each patrons name), and ample mirrors available for gazing (whether at yourself or others – no one’s judging here).

Photo by Suzi Pratt.

What’s just as important however, is what goes on top of that beautiful, wooden table.

Executive Chef Josh Green (two years at Virginia Inn, six as Exec at Ponti) earned his placement by pitching appropriately priced comfort food to the proprietors, and I can’t think of anything else I’d want to eat while resting my feet on turquoise and yellow carpet.

Luckily, some of his best are featured on the happy hour menu.

Must Have Eats:  During the happiest of hours, $2 comes off of any appetizer like the finger friendly, richly doused truffled popcorn.  Further, Chef Josh is a fan of pork, which he shares with his pigs-in-a-blanket dish featuring in-house sausage, and another boasting bacon wrapped dates stuff with asiago, aptly named Devils on Horseback.

Must Have Drinks:  Things finally mellow out with familiar phrases like $1 off drafts (Stella Artois, Manny’s, and a rotating ale / IPA) and $2 off a glass of wine.

When all is finished, the tab paid, and you’re back onto Ballard Avenue with the rest of the night ahead, what comes next may or may not be known.  What is however — is at some point in the near future –there will once again be The Gerald.

Happy Times:  4:30 to 6 p.m. and  10:30 p.m. to close.

The Gerald| 5210 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle | (206) 432-9280