Happenin’ Happy Hour: 8 oz. Burger Bar

Unique meats, indulgent cheeses, and an industrial atmosphere make this burger spot one to enjoy.

In the Seattle burger scene, the bacon definitely rises to the top.  With the closing of the highly regarded Counter in Ballard, it goes to show, if you’re going to cook it up in Seattle, it better be good, which is why I was surprised when a friend, a true Red Mill loyalist, invited me to Capitol Hill’s newest meat and cheese joint, 8 oz. Burger Bar.

What then transpired was a fantastic meal, and a look of concern on my friend’s face as if he just realized he cheated on his wife of five years.  Like Scarlett Johansson in that Woody Allen movie no one saw (Match Point), it was worth the adultery.

Must Have Eats: Understanding the elementary school kid in all of us, 8 oz.’s happy hour food menu is simply broken up into $2, $4, $6, $8 categories.  Fried is the name of the game in the $2 section, featuring chick peas, pickles, and green tomatoes that have all touched deliciously golden brown liquid.  Up in the $4 bracket lies Kobe beef corndogs (what!)  and Beechers mac-and-cheese with the option for bacon, which let’s be honest, is more of a necessity.  Things slow down a bit at $6, but not by much with short rib sliders and a bacon grill cheese sandwich.  To bring it all around, a 6 oz. burger and fries locks it in at $8.  Just typing this out gave me the meat sweats.

Must Have Drinks:  Although not a Seattle originated restaurant, the people behind 8 oz. understand our love of local, well priced beer.  The happy hour menu reflects with with a pint of Rainier for $2, and a rotating local lager for $3.

Happy Times:  Check out their website or call for further details.

8 oz. Burger Bar| 1401 Broadway, Seattle | (206) 456-5989