Music Madness: A Sit Down with Of Monsters and Men

Seattleite goes one-on-one with this hot Icelandic music import.

I’ve finally recovered from the four day bender at the Sasquatch Festival Memorial weekend and had the opportunity to get personal with the folks of the Icelandic clad Of Monsters and Men.

This folkie Icelandic ensemble of six, has been under the radar for the past few years but have really taken off and transformed into rockstars within the last six months in America, and worldwide. They’ve recieved several awards in Iceland, but after releasing their English single Little Talks — they opened the flood gates and have won the respect and admiration of mega fans around the world. They’ve been selling out shows all over their U.S. tour and sat down with Seattleite to discuss their feelings on stardom on this side of the globe.

What was your anticipation for the Sasquatch Festival?

Let’s just say that we were disappointed at the poor attendance of the Sasquatches.

What did you think of the Gorge Amphitheater and the fans that came out for the festival?

The site was really beautiful! As were the fans.  Some of us (Nanna) even fought a rattlesnake.  All around a lovely experience.

[tentblogger-youtube ghb6eDopW8I]

How did you feel about your performance overall?

We were so happy to be playing in front of so many people.  Everyone who came to see us was really excited and were singing and clapping along and that made it such a great experience for us.  It’s always very nice to have people like what you do.

Did you get a chance to catch any other acts?

We really liked Alabama Shakes and some of us danced our booties off on stage with Girl Talk.