Booze Alert: Glass Vodka

Distilled from a blend of Washington Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, this local libation is crisp and clear.

Glass Distillery located in Seattle’s SODO district launched their flagship product, Glass Vodka, and their new state of the art tasting room and distillery.  Lucky for Seattle, this crystal clear spirit is not just another Vodka.

Moscow Mules at Glass Distillery

Distilled from a blend of Washington Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, their libation is crisp, clear, and tastes just as good on its own as it does in a Moscow Mule.

A truly locavore vodka, owners Ian MacNeil and Adrian Higginbotham’s product, celebrates all that is great about Washington wine and art. From the packaging to the tasting room itself, Glass Distillery promotes the both tradition of winemaking and glass blowing, as well as Seattle’s knack for repurposed buildings and eclectic architecture.

 The tasting room and distillery, originally built in 1920, has a lounge art gallery feel where guests and potential customers can sample vodka while watching the Willy Wonka like 17.5 foot, 600 liter tall copper stills work their magic behind large glass doors that open into the tasting room.  Complete with a ships latter, repurposed wood, steal, concrete, and of course lots and lots of glass (even the cement floor sparkles with bits of glass!) the tasting room fits the elegant and swanky vibe of Glass Vodka to a tee.

If you can’t make it down to the tasting room, look out for Glass Vodka on the shelves of many high end Seattle establishments, including El Gaucho, which will carry a special label, Grid Iron Vodka, made by Glass Distillery uniquely for the restaurant.

Who said you can’t enjoy top shelf vodka if you’re not on a yacht or in a Rap Video? Thanks to Glass Distillery Seattle now has their very own locally conscious vodka to call their own. And of course to sip, stir, or shake.

Glass Distillery|  1712 1st Avenue South, Seattle