The Radar: Food Truck Mania

A few of our favorite food trucks serving up delicious grub on a corner near you.

We have truly become obsessed with food. Not obsessed in a creepy, stalker-like way but more of a fanatical, passionate, “I-really-care-about-what-I-am-consuming” way.

This whole-hearted infatuation with what we are devouring, enjoying and savoring on a daily basis has created a generation of foodies who not only care about the latest trendy restaurant but also about where their food is being sourced and sold.

Food trucks in particular have become the latest and greatest culinary trend and more and more trucks are popping up every day to serve eager customers a variety of curbside gourmet items.

Many food truck owners purchase their ingredients locally the very same day they plan on serving them—and unlike larger, stationery restaurants, many of their fresh ingredients are only enough to get them through that day—if that! Popular trucks almost always sell out of their top-sellers before the lunch rush is over.

Here are a few local favorites—five trucks for five lunches (most trucks aren’t open on Sunday, and we figured you’d need at least one day to repent for your tasty indulgences). Enjoy one, enjoy them all—we guarantee you’ll find a few favorites.

Marination Mobile: Summer is the perfect time to take your lunch break to the streets. Bask in some much needed sunshine while enjoying spam sliders or spicy pork tacos topped with Marination’s infamous nunya sauce and crunchy and tangy signature slaw. Feeling extra hungry? Order the jam-packed kimchi rice bowl with a fried egg on top and your taste-buds will thank you.

Skillet: If it’s a burger and poutine you crave—Skillet Street Food is the way to go. Fresh, seasonal ingredients dictate this truck’s menu for the most part—but the burger and poutine are both classic staples that they have perfected down to a tee. Famous for their incredibly addictive bacon jam (yes, they do sell it) that artfully adorns their succulent burgers, Skillet also offers handmade seasonal pies, sockeye salmon chowder, and duck confit.

Where Ya At Matt:  New Orleans’ soul food has never tasted better so far from home. Where Ya At Matt is dishing up some of the tastiest, heartiest, and downright most flavorful po’ boys, jambalaya, and shrimp and grits this side of the Mississippi. Start off with the oyster po’boy—but make sure you save room for Matt’s melt-in-your-mouth beignets.

El Camion: The original food truck concept usually brings to mind hot dog carts and taco trucks. While El Camion does make delicious tacos—they are not your ordinary taco truck. In addition they are serving up breakfast burritos (served all day), freshly made tamales and gorditas, as well as traditional Mexican plates such as the Plato Mole, Camarones a la Diabla and Shrimp Civeche.

Street Treats: Hot Summer days can only be remedied by ice cream sandwiches—but not just any old boring, basic, ice cream sandwiches. Street Treats is Seattle’s first build-your-own ice cream cookie sandwich shop on wheels! A sampling of their treats include a nutter butter cookie sandwich, salted brown butter krispy treat bars, and fudge thumbprint cookies with German chocolate filling.

For hours, prices, and where to find each one of these trucks on any given day–check out their individual websites.