The Trifecta: Three New Ways to Play Tourist in Seattle

Can’t get away? There are plenty of new sights to see right here in the Emerald City this summer.

Now’s the perfect time to play tourist in your own city. With all of the actual visitors swarming Seattle streets, you’ll blend right in. No shame in taking out your camera at these new spots!

Trifecta One: The Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle has a new icon. That wheel-y thing you’ve been seeing come to life on Pier 57 on the waterfront? That’s it. The Seattle Great Wheel. Okay, it’s no London Eye—but it is one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the United States, taking riders 175 feet above Elliott Bay. If you need an extra thrill, hop on board a glass-bottomed gondola and you’re walking on air.

Seattle Great Wheel|1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle| (206) 623-8600

Trifecta Two: King Tut Exhibit

Step back in time at the Pacific Science Center’s newest exhibit. “Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs” is on display for the very last time in North America—and it’s right here in Seattle. It includes more than 100 objects from the boy king’s tomb and other ancient sites, including the largest image of King Tut ever discovered—a 10-foot statue of the pharaoh. What are you waiting for? This could be your only opportunity to be face-to-face with a king

Pacific Science Center|200 Second Ave. N, Seattle | (206) 43-2001

Trifecta Three: Chihuly Garden and Glass

His glass sculptures are on display all over the globe, but Seattle boasts the largest Dale Chihuly museum in the world. “Chihuly Garden and Glass” is now open at the Seattle Center. The indoor-outdoor exhibit spans about 45,000 square feet where the Fun Forest used to be—but it’s a fun forest all its own. Chihuly’s characteristic intricate, colorful creations fit perfectly in the shadow of the Space Needle. Fan of Chihuly’s art or not, you can’t argue that this is a one-of-a-kind attraction.

Chihuly Garden and Glass| 305 Harrison Street, Seattle | (206) 753-4940