Happenin’ Happy Hour: Pecado Bueno

Light atmosphere, substantial food, and a large patty deck make for a great northern fremont happy hour.

When one creates the mondo business that has become Taco Del Mar, a smaller project can understandably be the next step.  James Schmidt has done just that, bringing his focus from national state back to the community in the form of Pecado Bueno, and placing it among the rest of the culinary goodness (Paseo, Dots, Via Tribunali, Cafe Vita) along northern Fremont Avenue.

Bueno’s space is broad, open, bright, and usually at a controlled fervor.  It doesn’t hurt the restaurant only uses free range poultry and organically grown products that haven’t touched a hormone.  Such assurance of quality has brought loyalty from the Fremont natives and a steady migration from las otras comunidades.  What’s that mean?  If you want a seat around the fireplace, best be showing up early.

Must Have Eats:  Chips with gaucamole start the bidding at $4.95, but in a surprise twist the loaded nachos go for the same price.  The other steal are the tacos that are delivered in a basket of three for $4.95 as well.  Nothing changes if you go with chicken, cod, butternut squash, or carnitas, but pumping it up with carne asada or bbq tiger prawns is going to cost .75 cents more.  Lastly, the Chimichanga dog.  Just accept it ($5.95) and be sure to angle it over your nachos when eating because contents are sure to slide about the cabin.

Must Have Drinks:  I wouldn’t be mad if Pecado Bueno had only one happy hour drink offering because a $3 margarita shouldn’t taste this good.  But that’s the case and it’s our duty to take advantage of it.  The other sneaker steals are Stella Artois at $3.75 and a house blended sangria for $5.  In this case, tread heavily.

Happy Times:  Daily from 3-6 p.m., 9p.m.-close

Pecado Bueno| 4307 Fremont Ave N, Seattle | (206) 457-8837