Sexy Food: Capital Grille’s Generous Pour Event is On

Are you looking for a sexy, steaky date night suggestion that won’t break the bank by the end of the evening? Capital Grille has got just the ticket from now through September 2nd. It’s called the Generous Pour event, and as you may have guessed, there are some seriously liberal pours of wine involved.

It works like this: you fork over 25 big ones, sit back, relax, and let the master sommelier work his magic in your glass. $25 gets you nine, count ‘em, nine different glasses of wine. Each bottle has been hand selected for its unique ability to pair with Capital Grille’s seriously dreamy food. Whether you go for the dry-aged, Kona-rubbed sirloin or the meltingly-tender filet mignon, if you take part in Generous Pour, you’re guaranteed a perfect wine match.

When I heard about Generous Pour, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into a steak and get down and dirty with the wines, so I spent an evening at Capital Grille doing, you know, “research.” Each of the nine selections were nuanced, shining examples of their style, and a few stood out in particular.

I’m not normally a white wine drinker, but the Simcic Ribolla proved to be a white that the most ardent of red-lovers could easily enjoy. Ribolla is a relatively rare grape variety that grows only in Goriška Brda region. Its golden hue and balance of acidity give it an appealing robustness that hits your palate like a warm, welcoming breeze.

I also immensely enjoyed the Sangiovese by Falesco, Assisi Rosso. Structured and lightly tannic, this wine has the guts to take on the meatiest of steaks without losing any of its smooth character.

The wine and food at Capital Grille is deeply satisfying in a comfort-meets-class kind of way, however I would be remiss if I didn’t speak of the service. Every good steakhouse is built upon a standard of service many hipster restaurants of today seem to have forgotten, however Capital Grille is a cut above the rest. The finely-tuned staff anticipates without hovering, so that from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave, you feel pampered in the best possible way.

If you’d like more information on the Generous Pour event or to make a reservation, please visit Capital Grille’s website.