Plugged In: Music Monday, “I Got to Retire” by Luc & the Lovingtons

Making love is taking all my time

Luc & The Lovingtons have been around for a few years now. They’re one of those bands that are still under the radar but doing big things in their own way: connecting with audiences abroad, playing local music festivals, and even touring with Grammy Award winner, Jazon Mraz.

“I Got To Retire” is a single off of their last album, Send My Love.

The Lovingtons make fun, happy, uplifting music — if you haven’t already guessed by their name. And boy do they have a whole lot of love to give. The band’s frontman, Luc Reynaud, first came onto the music scene with The Freedom Song, which he wrote with a group of displaced kids in New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

So, as the sun starts to disappear and the clouds roll in this fall in Seattle, remember The Lovingtons, cause they’ll get you dancing in the sand, rain, or snow.

And then remember to give the person next to you a hug.

Luc & The Lovingtons playing at Columbia City Theater last month. Photo by Heather Fitzpatrick.