V-Day: For Serious Smooching Sweethearts

LUUUUUUURVE. Who doesn’t love LOVE?! I’m a firm believer of showing the person you care about constant affection all year long, but Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be another Thursday this year. A regular old bed-making bout or the trash-removal route for your loved one is NOT gonna cut it.

People who say Valentine’s Day is dumb are just bitter.  It’s V-Day guys, not D-Day! Let’s balance that bitterness out with some schweet sugary schtuff.



Aside from a new-age serenade a la Auto Rap App, my second choice of music-related presents would be to join my lovah at Lucid Lounge in the University District. A relaxed atmosphere that doesn’t force romance, it naturally infuses it. Jazz is always associated with passion in my book and you can’t overdose on that vibe on V-Day. The Nefos Jam sesh starts at 10pm so leisurely saunter in after an inevitably sexy meal.

Lucid Lounge | 5241 University Way NE,  Seattle | 206.402.3042



Photo: Ananya Spa

To get out of giving your honey bun a massage—or sparing them the torture—hire a professional. There are some great deals around town and among them, Ballard Health Center, a quaint little spot that’s “no-frills” and claims (with execution) “Limp in, Leap out”. Price D. Norman, LMP offers massage options at up to 30% in the name of love. And in the form of therapy. He also offers services in Bellevue for all y’all East-siders.

Ballard Health Center | 1138 NW Market St, Seattle | 206.853.2151



Credit: Gordon James Fine Diamonds;; Custom Platinum “Double Halo” Ring with split shank. Center Natural Cushion Fancy Intense Pink Diamonds 0.58 carat, GIAF Certified with 68 Round Brilliant Diamonds 0.61 carat total, E-F color, VS clarity. Price available upon request.

Not all ladies expect the ring on Valentine’s Day, but a ring wouldn’t hurt. If you’re really trying to up the ante this year, Gordon James Fine Diamonds carries a gorgeous custom, pink diamond platinum ring for your loved one. Of course it’s in Bellevue and of course she’ll love it. Pink diamonds are soooo in right now, so not only will she see how serious you are about her, you’ll get cool points too. Now, thatis cupidity.

Gordon James Fine Diamonds |10133 Main Street, Bellevue| 206.623.3123



Harvey needs a home!
Harvey needs a home!

If you are at the point in your relationship where you’re ready for another step but not, you know, there yet, a pet is a perfect addition to your family. Anyone can learn from the responsibility of another being in your care, and to do it together? Ooowee. That takes love. There are so many animals in need of a good home in Seattle, so start another chapter with a Fido or Mr. Featherton. Visit the Seattle Animal Shelter for photos of your new pup or puss!

Seattle Animal Shelter | 2061 15th Ave W, Seattle | 206.386.PETS




You’re a serious sweetheart, we know. And you’re in love with one too. We get it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little bedroom romp once in a while. Let’s get personal for a sec. Now of course you have your patented moves, and of course your sweetheart loves them, but there’s more than one way to make a bed squeak… If you’re looking to add spice to something other than your Spaghetti & Meatball recipe, try Babeland in Capital Hill. They have sexy gifts and kits up the wazoo. What you do in the bedroom ain’t nobody’s business. But make sure your business is to please your other half.

Babeland | 707 E Pike St, Seattle | 206.328.2914




Book Club for two alert! ‘Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman has choice words for any relationship rookie. Or even a pro. Sometimes we forget how to treat our #1 or we just get lost in our own lives. For this Valentine’s Day and beyond, this book could be a revelation. Learn about each other’s “love language” and compare. It’s like a Cosmo quiz that will actually benefit your life. Buy two copies from Elliott Bay Book Company and you will remember it as the most eye-opening and romantic gesture for years to come.

Elliott Bay Book Company | 1521 Tenth Avenue, Seattle | 206.624.6600




For experiences that will leave you both with memories to spare, Seattle’s got op-shuns. If your PIC is competitive, K1 Speed is a great place to take him/her. Electric indoor go-kart racing is exhilarating and perfect for double, triple or even quadruple dates! Sooo Seattle to love the earth. Electric is the way to go! Or if you’re both in the mood for a scenic trip over your city, AcuWings offers hour-long tours that will send your love soaring. 31 miles of hand-holding and sight-seeing. The heart pounding, tummy tosses will make you feel just like you did when y’all started dating. Butterflies!

K1 Speed | 2207 NE Bel-Red Rd, Redmond | 425.455.9999

AcuWings | 760 West Perimenter Rd, Renton | 425.254.9464




Your one and only deserves solo time with you in a romantic locale. While I’m sure you’ve gotten used to sweatpants and movie time—a worthy date in its own right—your honey should be reminded how swanky fresh you can be. Salish Lodge has become synonymous with intimate and high-class times, so why not spend this special day there? A package that includes a private limo to the Lodge, champagne with keepsake flutes, a couples chocolate massage and a six-course, winepaired dinner for two overlooking the falls is sure to sweep your lover off their sweet feet. This package is only available on February 14th so book now!

Salish Lodge | 6501 Railroad Ave SE, Snoqualmie | 425.888.2556