Meatless Mondays: Remedy Teas

You had me at tiny sandwiches.

Nestled in the cozy little wonderland of 15th on Capitol Hill, Remedy Teas offers a quiet escape into the world of teas, tea sandwiches, tea cookies, tea time, tea timers, tea smoothies, afternoon tea, low tea… should I go on? Well I couldn’t even if you wanted me to because I ran out of “tea” words (as I simultaneously lost at Scrabble). The vegetarian, organic oasis offers bites à la carte, or if you’re feeling particularly British, you can order the tea service and nosh off a beautiful, three-tiered display of dainty delights. The small order feeds 1-2 people ($24) and the large feeds 2-4 ($36). The menu offers an abundance of vegan and gluten-free options, and the tea service can be made 100% vegan if you ask in a English accent.

Remedy Tea Large Tea Service
Remedy Teas Large Tea Service

Tea service, if you aren’t familiar, is like a personal buffet – it might be more food than you need, but it would make your grandmother so happy. You’re too skinny. Eat something! And that I did. My food pampering was enjoyed as follows: Step one (sandwiches): cucumber cream cheese, radish and red onion, pesto cream, pb&j and apple pie with cheddar cheese. Step two (baked goods): raspberry-coconut muffin and peanut butter bar. Step three (sweet treats): truffles and chocolate chip cookies. When ordering your tea service, you get to choose from an amazing assortment of scones, cakes, cookies, brownies and pastries to accompany your sandwiches. Did you hear that? You get to hand pick what goes in your mini buffet! I can’t decide if it’s a good or bad thing that more restaurants don’t offer customizable towers of treats. What am I talking about? Definitely bad.

Remedy Teas Apple Pie, Creamy Pesto and pb&j Tea Sandwiches
Remedy Teas Apple Pie, Creamy Pesto and PB&J Tea Sandwiches

Of all the goodies to choose from, the apple pie sandwich stood out in the best kind of way: the delicious kind. Warm cinnamon bread slathered with apple butter and a slice of vegan cheese – it’s the type of sandwich that slows down time while in your mouth, just to make sure you have a moment to analyze the unusual flavors, and then really, really enjoy them. It’s sweet and salty heaven and must be experienced by anyone and everyone. Even the weird people who don’t like pie. Or the even weirder people who don’t like sandwiches. It’s neither, nor and both at the same time. You guys, I think this sandwich is a genius.

Remedy Teas Coconut Lav Tea
Remedy Teas Coconut Lav Tea

To drink, the tea service includes two pots of tea. I tried a vanilla, lemon oolong tea (Silk and Citrus) and a coconut, lavender roobios tea (Coconut Lav). Both wonderfully aromatic and smooth as any well-made tea should be, but Silk and Citrus was something special. I usually find vanilla teas too, vanilla-y, but the fresh citrus keeps it light and bright and allows the vanilla to shine without overpowering. Basically, they did it right, and I can only assume the other 148 teas are done the same way: right. I’d love to spend an afternoon cuddled up with a couple dozen dark chocolates and a big pot of that silky blend.

Remedy Teas Business Card
Remedy Teas Business Card

Though tea time tends to be a fancy business of floral overload, at Remedy Teas they don’t take themselves too seriously. This is a casual joint: modern, comfortable and humble. Just good food and real people. But I still felt perfectly comfortable in my Alice in Wonderland dress. And for that, Remedy Teas is awarded 600,000 points – one for every leaf of tea, plus a million extra points for an address and phone number as adorable as their sandwiches.

Tea tip: If a casual tea service isn’t casual enough for you, order off the regular menu; they have soups, salads, sandwiches and all the treats that come with tea service available sans tiers.

Remedy Teas| 345 15th Ave E, Seattle | (206)323-4-TEA

Photography by Jessica Aceti