If you’re looking for Indian food, Shanik is the real deal. And the real deal happens to be very vegan friendly.

As owner, Meeru Dhalwala candidly explains, you will never feel like a moron when you walk into her restaurant. Unless of course you’re acting like a moron (and dietary choices or restrictions certainly are not on her list of things that qualify someone as a moron). Having been vegetarian for

Vegans, carnivores, and vegans trying to trick their carnivore friends into eating vegan food, I present: Veggie Grill.

Now of course you are wondering, “how would she know if a staunch non-vegan would like this food? She isn’t one.” And I would respond by first commending you for being a critical consumer, and then by explaining the funny story of how I brought a plate of Veggie Grill “buffalo” wings to work, watched said staunch non-vegans chow down on them, and then received a very sincere

Dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free, ummm… what else is there?

Chocolate! This sweet treat is 100% not chocolate-free. Now maybe it’s the impending grey of winter constantly looming in my mind, or maybe it’s just because I am a human equipped with the full range of taste buds, but whatever the reason, my chocolate tooth has been in full effect lately. And one can only eat so many 90% cocoa dark chocolate bars.