In the Know: Pampering at Home with Mobile Spa and Salon

From expecting moms to screaming tweenie parties, 2BU Beauty mobile spa and salon give your day a little more color.

When JoAnn Ollila was pregnant at home with her second child, a pedicure sounded real nice. But the thought of getting to the spa was too much of a hassle. On top of that, she wasn’t always feeling like herself and being “pretty” just wasn’t the same anymore. If only she could have the spa come to her. “It’s funny what you obsess about before you deliver, like your toes,” laughs Ollila.

She wanted to pamper herself but wished it was as easy as ordering a pizza over the phone. And after a giving it some more thought, that idea didn’t’ sound too crazy after all. So, she started writing her business plan.


“It mystified me that it didn’t exist in Seattle,” said Ollila. It kind of seemed like a no-brainer. If she wanted it, someone else out there must want it too. After some research she found that mobile spa services to do exist in other cities like New York and Chicago, but offered pretty standard services. Ollila envisioned a better online experience where clients could customize their at-home experience, and parties, too.

Looking back at her own personal needs, she started taking appointments in January for manicures and pedicures catered for expecting mothers, but quickly expanded the business and now offers mobile spa and salon services to anyone or group that needs some extra color in their day.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon Janet E.Lee, mother of a 2-year old and a marketer at Starbucks, got to experience the mobile spa along with her cousin Susan Davis, an HR executive who also has her own toddler. As the two children played in the living room the ladies got pedicures in the kitchen. “I love how they come to you and can offer all kinds of services, and I don’t need to find a sitter!” said Lee.

“It’s not a service you use every single time you need your nails. But in between those times, that’s what we’re trying to fill that need space,” said Ollila.

Currently, the company’s most popular services are the bridal shower package and expected mom appointments, the original reason why she started the business.

“The power of a pedicure is amazing,” says Ollila. “The whole year after pregnancy you’re trying to get back to your old self, how you used to feel, and remember who you are. To have someone come and pamper you a little and give you bright cheery colors reminds you that you’re not just a mom.”

And now this mom is an entrepreneur out to innovate at home pampering. Keep up with the growing list of services and new products at