Culture Dose: Langhorne Slim Returns (Lucky Us!)

Credit: Todd Roeth

Another Seattle show, another chat with the talented frontman.

A year after our first Q&A, Langhorne Slim sets us straight on the band’s recent successes and future hopes. In essence? The friendly guys plan to keep on rocking out and shaking their tails, as they’ve been known to do. The group’s gradually making the Seattle rounds, hopping their way across the city’s many storied stages. This time, Langhorne Slim & The Law come to The Neptune Theatre Thursday, October 10. If you’re wise, you’ll join in on the celebration.

Credit: Todd Roeth
Credit: Todd Roeth

Seattleite: Welcome back to Seattle! Much has happened for you since we last spoke (in August of 2012). What have been some highlights from your past year?

Langhorne Slim: It’s lovely to be back and speaking with you again. Since our last encounter, I moved most of my things into a room in Nashville, tamed some beasts and continued to travel with The Law. We’ve appeared on certain televisions, played for large and small audiences here and over there and have tried to keep sunny dispositions even on stormy days and months.

S: You recently played with the Lumineers at Colorado’s Red Rocks. What thoughts run through your mind as you step out onto the stage at such a venue?

LS: It’s a beautiful and special thing to play a place like Red Rocks, though the thoughts in our heads remain the same no matter where we play: “Don’t let anybody know what we’re thinking.  They’ll lock us up…” and so on.

S: You must be thrilled; your fall tour kicked off with a sold-out show in NYC at Bowery Ballroom. What do you personally think keeps your fans coming back for more?

LS: I’m proud that we’ve been at it for almost 10 years and tickled that it feels like a new beginning at this point in time. We love it. We put our hearts, our souls and our balls into it.  The proof is in the pudding, and people like pudding. We give people their pudding.

S: How do you prepare before heading back out on the road? What pieces of home (if any) are must-haves for your travels?

LS: Panic attacks, generally.

Less is always more.

S: Will you be playing any new cities this go-round? Any spots on the itinerary that will feel like a homecoming?

LS: Some new places but mainly old places that will hopefully feel new somehow.  Philly, New York, North Carolina, Milwaukee, Portland and a few others feel like home shows.  The beauty of rambling is that you collect many homes.

S: What are the things you look forward to most about being back on tour?

LS: I love the movement and the performances.  The emotion of the raw deal.

S: You recently got to write the music for a 30-second Converse X Foot Locker sneaker TV spot. How did this opportunity come about?

LS: One of our best friends moved to London and works in that buisness.  He snuck me in the back door, and we came out the front.  Nothin’ more exhilarating and fun than working with people you love.  Art with friends—that’s what I want.

S: If we chat again a year from now, what do you most hope to be able to report?

LS: We still got the boogie, and it’s better than ever.

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*If you want to make it a double-header week of music amazingness at Neptune Theatre, consider also checking out Shovels & Rope this Wednesday evening. Viva la musica!